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Value of bitcoin for the first time beyond USD 28,000, up 14%

Yesterday we wrote that bitcoin was worth $25,000, a new record…. that hasn’t lasted a day. Meanwhile, the bitcoin exchange rate has risen to $28,300 (€22,800).

Next stop: moon
Bitcoin went to the moon in a rocket at the end of December. Since 11 December, the bitcoin rate has risen by no less than 62%. And since Christmas Day, on a day when everyone is free, the course has been moving parabolically upwards.

The bitcoin price has risen by more than 14% in the last 24 hours alone, and investors Bitcoin Circuit are now monitoring the psychological limit of $30,000 per bitcoin for the first time. As a result, the combined value of all bitcoin tokens in circulation has passed half a trillion dollars (500 billion dollars) for the first time.

Mainly consumers
The huge increase in bitcoin prices at Christmas is mainly caused by consumers because traditional markets are closed,“ said Marc Bernegger, member of the board of Crypto Finance Group.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a healthy correction when these markets open on Monday. Compared to the huge short-term price gains of bitcoin in the past, there are many more professional investors involved in the market today. This will lead to faster price corrections and a reduction in long-term price volatility‘.

Money printer confirms bitcoin
A growing number of major investors and Wall Street giants have cited bitcoin as a potential inflation hedge this year. They, too, want to protect themselves from a wave of inflation they see on the horizon as a result of unprecedented public spending in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week the British fund manager Ruffer Investment Management pushed bitcoin above the price level of USD 20 000. That happened after they revealed that the fund had bought USD 745 million worth of bitcoin.

There is no end in sight, the Central Banks keep printing money. This only confirms the bitcoin story even more,‘ said Charles Hayter of CryptoCompare. Funds are exposing their portfolios to bitcoin and the herd is just starting to move.

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With the YETI token, the indices arrive in decentralised finance

With the YETI token, the indices arrive in decentralised finance (DeFi)

Power index launches its YETI token, gathering 8 tokens from the Yearn Finance ecosystem. A way to get exposed to decentralised finance (DeFi), to participate in farming and governance programmes in one place.
With the YETI token, the clues to decentralised finance (DeFi) are there.

What if you were told that it was possible to hold 8 tokens of the Yearn Finance ecosystem in one in Crypto Code order to benefit from their farming programme and access their governance? This is what PowerIndex offers, via the YETI token.

Investing in the Yearn ecosystem using a single token: the YETI.

The YETI does exist. But at the risk of disappointing you, it is not a monster, but an ERC20 token gathering 8 tokens of the Yearn ecosystem, distributed as follows : YFI 35%, SUSHI 17%, CREAM 8%, AKRO 8% , COVER 8%, K3PR 8%, CVP 8% and PICKLE 8%.

It is proposed by PowerPool, which wants to enable token holders to lend, pool, borrow and earn income from governance tokens. All this while accumulating the governance power of protocols based on the Ethereum network.

At the beginning of December, they formalised their partnership with Yearn Finance, offering an index based on the eight protocols: the YETI token. This is a Balancer fork updated and audited and created by PowerPool. This means that the token is not part of the Yearn ecosystem itself. #MoreDecentralization.

And yes, in case you didn’t know it, the Yearn giant, which broke all price records this summer with its YFI token, is becoming a real boulevard of DeFi projects and is surrounding itself with brand partners.

As a reminder, here are the roles and functions of each protocol of the index :

Composition of the Yeti protocol

  • YFI: web3.0 fund management protocol
  • SUSHI: AMM-based liquidity provider, such as Uniswap
  • CREAM: Credit market
  • AKRO: Business development, involvement of institutional actors
  • Cover: Insurance protocol for DeFi protocols
  • K3PR: Ecosystem maintenance protocol and incentive layer for developers
  • CVP: Meta-Governance Protocol and Intelligent Index Provider (this is the PowerIndex token)
  • PICKLE: Supplier of high-performance agricultural robots

Everyone has a role to play. And exposing yourself to each of them can quickly cost a lot of gas. That’s where the clues come in.

A powerful tool to diversify your portfolio

At the first level, YETI is an index. It therefore allows exposure to many tokens in a simplified and balanced way. This is for comparison with traditional finance. The DeFi brings its share of novelties, beyond the decentralisation we know about.

Among the opportunities offered by the DeFi, let’s retain three:

  • Interaction with eight protocols without paying too much for gas;
  • Access to the governance programmes of each of the protocols;
  • Access to farming programmes to collect rewards.

This is called meta-governance. In a single interface, the user can access all the functionalities of the DeFi protocols present in the index.

At the time of writing, PowerIndex offers a programme to extract liquidity from up to 300% of the rewards in CVP, the PowerIndex token – by blocking its YETI tokens, or by providing liquidity.

To get your YETI, there are two options; buy it on Balancer, or from the PowerIndex website.

For Token Brice, a DeFi specialist and facilitator for DeFi France and Bankless France, this novelty is very interesting for the ecosystem.

El gigante del intercambio de criptomonedas Coinbase insinúa que se hará público a medida que aumente el precio de bitcoin.

A medida que el precio de bitcoin sube a máximos históricos, el intercambio de criptomonedas más destacado, Coinbase, ha señalado su intención de cotizar en bolsa.

El gigante estadounidense de intercambio de criptomonedas Coinbase presentó recientemente un borrador de registro ante la Comisión de Bolsa de Valores que confirma los rumores de planes para hacer pública una oferta pública inicial que los analistas estiman que podría valer hasta $ 28 mil millones. Coinbase anunció que presentó un borrador de declaración de registro ante la SEC, allanando el camino para los planes para una eventual oferta pública inicial. El anuncio se produce cuando el interés en bitcoin y otras criptomonedas se ha disparado a nuevos máximos durante la pandemia de coronavirus.

Se espera que el valor de Coinbase sea de alrededor de $ 28 mil millones

El investigador de Messari Crypto, Mira Christanto, ha profundizado en algunas de las cifras comerciales y comerciales del intercambio de cifrado y llegó a una valoración potencial de $ 28 mil millones. Mirar Christanio declaró , “luego del anuncio de la OPI de Coinbase, valoramos a la compañía en $ 28 mil millones. Coinbase es uno de los intercambios más destacados con un volumen diario de mil millones de dólares en diciembre de 20 „. El investigador agregó que el modelo utilizado para derivar la valuación dividió los segmentos comerciales de la empresa por tarifas de negociación, tarifas de custodia, tarjetas de débito y otros criterios. El volumen de operaciones proviene principalmente de clientes institucionales, agregó, pero las tenencias promedio por cliente son de $ 703.

Bitcoin continúa alcanzando máximos históricos

El precio de bitcoin está en sus máximos históricos después de que la criptomoneda líder se disparó por encima de la barrera de los $ 20,000 el miércoles por primera vez en su historia. En el momento de escribir este artículo, bitcoin está cambiando de manos a poco más de $ 23,000. Hay varios factores que ayudaron a que Bitcoin se impulse a nuevos máximos históricos. El interés institucional en bitcoin ha aumentado su año como cobertura contra los activos tradicionales. MicroStrategy, Bitwise y Grayscale están aumentando en términos de inversiones, activos bajo administración y precios de las acciones de sus fondos, ya que Bitcoin alcanzó un pico de precio récord esta semana.

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EUR/USD, GBP/USD, BRN/USD und BTC/USD 7. Dezember Live-Einstiegspunkte

Unsere Freihandelssignale vom 7. Dezember für EUR/USD, GBP/USD, BRN/USD und BTC/USD enthalten den folgenden technischen Ausblick:

EUR/USD-Handelssignal vom 7. Dezember

EUR/USD durchbrach am Mittwoch den Wert von 1,21. Aus technischer Sicht bleibt EUR/USD unter 50 gleitendem Durchschnitt (rote Linie), aber über 200 gleitendem Durchschnitt (dunkelblaue Linie), was ein Zeichen der Unsicherheit ist. Beim MACD wurde eine dreifache rückläufige Divergenz (gelbe Linien) festgestellt. Ich suche im Moment nach Verkaufsaufträgen. Scrollen Sie nach unten, um die Signaldetails mit meinen SL-, TP- und Einstiegsniveaus für EUR/USD zu sehen.

7. Dezember GBPUSD-Handelssignal

GBP/USD brach über die enge Spanne von 150 Pips (1,3290-1,3440) aus, die das Paar in den vergangenen 8 Handelstagen im Inneren hielt. GBP/USD bleibt unter 50 Gleitender Durchschnitt (rote Linie), aber über 200 Gleitender Durchschnitt (dunkelblaue Linie), was ein Zeichen von Unsicherheit ist. Eine bärische Divergenz (gelbe Linien) wurde beim MACD festgestellt. Ich suche im Moment nach Verkaufsaufträgen. Scrollen Sie nach unten, um die Signaldetails mit meinen SL-, TP- und Einstiegsniveaus für GBP/USD zu sehen.

7. Dezember BRNUSD-Handelssignal

BRN/USD brach am Freitag über die Marke von 49 Punkten ein. Aus technischer Sicht bleibt BRN/USD sowohl über 50 Moving Average (rote Linie) als auch über 200 Moving Average (dunkelblaue Linie), was ein Signal für den Aufwärtstrend ist. Ich suche im Moment nach Kaufaufträgen. Scrollen Sie nach unten, um die Signaldetails mit meinen SL-, TP- und Einstiegsniveaus für BRN/USD zu sehen.

7. Dezember BTC/USD-Handelssignal

BTC/USD brach am vergangenen Montag über die 19000er-Marke ein, kehrte aber später zurück. Aus technischer Sicht bleibt BTC/USD sowohl über 50 Moving Average (rote Linie) als auch über 200 Moving Average (dunkelblaue Linie), was ein Signal für den zinsbullischen Trend ist. Im Moment suche ich nach Kaufaufträgen. Scrollen Sie nach unten, um die Signaldetails mit meinen SL-, TP- und Einstiegsniveaus für BTC/USD zu sehen.

Wir veröffentlichen seit 2015 täglich Freihandelssignale. Abonnieren Sie unseren RSS-Feed und E-Mail-Newsletter, um dem Markt immer einen Schritt voraus zu sein. Bitte beachten Sie, dass diese Signale meine Einträge sind. Sie sollten auch immer in Betracht ziehen, Ihre Nachforschungen anzustellen. Der Handel mit Forex, Rohstoffen und Kryptowährungen ist mit einem hohen Risiko verbunden. Sie sollten nie mehr investieren, als Sie bereit sind zu riskieren.

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Bitcoin Preis Analyse: BTC visiert Ausbruch nach oben über 19,8 $ an

Bitcoin Preis

Der Bitcoin-Preis startete eine große Aufwärtsbewegung von der Unterstützungszone von $17.500 gegenüber dem US-Dollar.
Der Preis notiert nun deutlich über $19.000 und dem 55 einfachen gleitenden Durchschnitt (4-Stunden).
Auf dem 4-Stunden-Chart des BTC/USD-Paares (Daten-Feed von Coinbase) wurde die entscheidende Abwärtstrendlinie mit dem Widerstand bei $19.050 durchbrochen.
Das Paar wird wahrscheinlich weiter steigen, wenn es die Widerstandsniveaus von $19.570 und $19.800 überwindet.
Der Bitcoin-Preis zeigt derzeit zinsbullische Anzeichen oberhalb von $19.000 zum US Dollar. BTC könnte sich erholen, wenn es ihm gelingt, sich in naher Zukunft über $19.570 zu etablieren.

In den vergangenen Tagen begann der Bitcoin-Kurs einen stetigen Anstieg Profit Revolution von der Unterstützungszone von $17.500 gegenüber dem US-Dollar. BTC durchbrach die Niveaus von $18.500 und $18.750 und bewegte sich in eine positive Zone.

Der Preis kletterte sogar über den Widerstand von $19.000 und den 55 einfachen gleitenden Durchschnitt (4-Stunden). Darüber hinaus gab es einen Durchbruch über eine entscheidende Abwärtstrendlinie mit einem Widerstand bei $19.050 auf dem 4-Stunden-Chart des BTC/USD-Paares.

Das Paar kletterte sogar über die 19.500 $-Marke, scheint aber einem starken Widerstand nahe der 19.570 $-Marke ausgesetzt zu sein. Ein Hoch hat sich bei $19.571 gebildet und der Kurs konsolidiert derzeit seine Gewinne. Eine erste Unterstützung auf der Abwärtsseite befindet sich in der Nähe der 19.100 $-Marke.

Das 23,6% Fib-Retracement-Level der jüngsten Aufwärtsbewegung vom Tiefstkurs bei 17.579 $ bis zum Hoch bei 19.571 $ liegt ebenfalls in der Nähe der 19.100 $-Marke. Die nächste wichtige Unterstützung für die Bullen liegt in der Nähe der 18.750 $-Marke oder des 55 einfachen gleitenden Durchschnitts (4-Stunden).

Die Hauptunterstützung liegt in der Nähe des Niveaus von 18.575 $. Sie repräsentiert das 50% Fib-Retracement-Level der jüngsten Aufwärtsbewegung vom Tiefstkurs bei 17.579 $ bis zum Hoch bei 19.571 $.

Auf der Oberseite sind die Niveaus von $19.500 und $19.570 entscheidende Hürden. Ein erfolgreicher Abschluss oberhalb der 19.570 $-Marke könnte vielleicht einen starken Anstieg in den kommenden Sitzungen einleiten. Der nächste Halt für die Bullen könnte bei $19.800 liegen, gefolgt von $20.000.

Bitcoin PreisBitcoin Preis

Mit Blick auf den Chart nähert sich der Bitcoin-Preis eindeutig einer wichtigen Hürde in der Nähe der Niveaus von $19.570 und $19.800. Insgesamt wird der Preis wahrscheinlich weiter steigen, wenn er die Widerstandsniveaus von $19.570 und $19.800 überwindet.

Technische Indikatoren
4-Stunden-MACD – Der MACD bewegt sich langsam in den zinsbullischen Bereich.

4-Stunden-RSI (Relative Strength Index) – Der RSI liegt jetzt deutlich über der 50-Marke.

Wichtige Unterstützungslevels – 19.100 $ und 18.750 $.

Wichtige Widerstandsniveaus – 19.570 $, 19.800 $ und 20.000 $.

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Attorney General do about crypto?

With Bill Barr leaving the DoJ, what will the next Attorney General do about crypto?

Attorney General William Barr tendered his resignation to President Trump last night, opening up the conversation as to how a Biden-appointed successor will handle crypto.

In a tweet Monday evening, President Trump announced the departure of William Barr from the office of Attorney General. The announcement comes the same day that the Electoral College convened and confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the November election.

Barr, long one of Trump’s most loyal allies, will be stepping down on December 23. Under Barr’s leadership, the Department of Justice has ramped by Bitcoin Trader up its actions in crypto, including high-profile criminal charges against BitMEX’s leadership and the release of a new framework for crypto enforcement in October. The latter half of this year has also seen the largest seizures of crypto assets yet.

Even among old-school Republicans, Barr, who previously served as Attorney General under George H.W. Bush, is particularly hawkish. In his resignation letter to Trump, Barr listed what he considered his front-line accomplishments:

„During your Administration, the Department of Justice has worked tirelessly to protect the public from violent crime; worked closely with leaders in Mexico to fight the drug cartels; cracked down on China’s exploitation of our economy and workers; [and] defended competition in the marketplace, especially in the technology sector.“

As you can see, Barr was especially concerned with illicit money flows abroad. During his tenure, the DoJ’s concern with crypto has been especially intense in light of perceived threats of terrorism financing and money laundering, though the DoJ’s enforcement framework paid lip service to civil offenses like securities fraud. The ongoing tech war against China has, indeed, spilled over into digitizing currencies, which may well prove a threat to the dollar’s international dominance.

But then what does a DoJ without Barr look like?

The short list for Biden’s potential nominees to Attorney General include Sally Yates, Merrick Garland, and Doug Jones. Yates served as Deputy Attorney General under Obama, and lasted 10 days as Trump’s Acting Attorney General until he fired her for refusing to defend his initial Muslim ban. Given her role in the Russian election interference investigations, the Republican-held Senate is unlikely to confirm her.

Garland, for his part, ran into Republican stonewalling when Obama nominated him to the Supreme Court in 2016. Nonetheless, his reputation as a moderate is strong. As far as crypto is concerned, he is likely to be less aggressive than the more foreign-threat focused Barr. Garland made his name in the 90s investigating several high-profile domestic terrorist attacks like the Oklahoma City Bombing.

In recent years, as crypto has gotten more attention from law enforcement, Garland has kept a low profile. But his CV suggests that he would be more focused on domestic affairs, which generally hasn’t led law enforcement to crack down on crypto.

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Ganhos da DeFi Token em novembro superam o desempenho da Bitcoin

Bitcoin está pairando em torno de seu recorde histórico e tem feito retornos notáveis este ano, mas novembro foi o mês das fichas DeFi, muitas das quais tiveram ganhos triplos.

O boom financeiro descentralizado deste verão está longe de ter terminado. É verdade que um grande número das fichas DeFi cunhadas recentemente bombeou e jogou fora, mas em novembro houve um grande ressurgimento para muitas delas, pois elas superam o próprio desempenho da Bitcoin.

Durante o mês de novembro, a Bitcoin fez pouco menos de 40% em uma subida de $13.800 para $19.000 no final do mês. O aumento há muito esperado de 20 mil dólares há três anos renovou o ímpeto do mercado e o ‚hopium‘ geral que está faltando há mais de dois anos.

O maior fechamento semanal de velas Bitcoin já feito, criou o cenário para novos ganhos, mas as fichas DeFi fizeram ainda mais.

As fichas DeFi em chamas
O analista do setor, Ceteris Paribus, dividiu os ganhos por sinal durante o mês de novembro utilizando o índice DeFi da Messari. Os resultados revelam que 18 deles tiveram um desempenho superior ao do Bitcoin.

– Ceteris Paribus (@ceterispar1bus) 7 de dezembro de 2020

Até mesmo o Ethereum fez mais durante o mês anterior, com um ganho de quase 53%, pois atingiu uma alta de 30 meses.

De acordo com essa lista, a ficha de melhor desempenho é SUSHI, que subiu 300% de um ponto baixo no final de outubro. O token de governança recentemente reequilibrado da Aave fez um impressionante 200% para o período, e o YFI da Yearn Finance acrescentou 160%.

Os outros três ganhadores para o mês são RUNE, HEGIC e BZRX. Há várias fichas DeFi de maior valor que não venceram Bitcoin em termos de ganhos para o período e elas incluem Balancer, Ren, 0x, Kyber, Maker, e até Chainlink que só conseguiu 16,6% para o mês.

Deve-se notar, no entanto, que muitas destas fichas DeFi ainda estão muito longe de seus máximos de todos os tempos este ano, enquanto Bitcoin está apenas 4% longe de sua ATH no momento.

DeFi TVL em Nova Alta de Tempo Inteiro
De acordo com Defipulse, o valor total trancado em todos os protocolos DeFi listados está em um máximo histórico de pouco menos de 15 bilhões de dólares. Desde o início de novembro, a TVL aumentou em cerca de 32% e, desde o início de 2020, subiu em flecha 2100%.

Quadro –
O Maker ainda é o principal protocolo da DeFi em termos de garantias fechadas com US$ 2,7 bilhões e uma participação de mercado de 18%. A Uniswap acrescentou 6% à sua liquidez no dia, subindo para US$ 1,4 bilhões, enquanto a Balancer e a Yearn Finance obtiveram ganhos ainda maiores com as garantias.

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